COMPOMAC Torque Limiters


COMPOMAC S.p.A is located in the industrial city of Bologna/Italy, offering various options to various types of industries, all over the world. They manufacture a large range of Mechanical Power Transmission engineering components – Various types of Couplings & an assortment of Torque Limiters.

TRADELINK SERVICES joins COMPOMAC in offering a large range of Torque Limiters for various industrial purposes – to protect, safeguard equipment, & expensive transmission members. This exhaustive range offers thoroughly tested benefits,  like :

  1. Minimal backlash, close to zero.
  2. Lower moment of inertial, reduced dimensions & weight.
  3. Reduced wear & tear leading to increased life.

Various models are available, based on the requirement :

SAFEGUARD - Medium speed application. Re-engage immediately, on removal of Overload.

SAFEGUARD-R - for high torque / low speed.

SYNCHRON - Medium speed. Re-engage automatically after 360ᵒ rotation.

SAFE LIFTING - For very high speed. In case of overload, switch provides a signal WITHOUT Interrupting torque transmission.

ROTA FREE - Input / Output are disconnected when overload occurs, slowing down to idling. Ideal for very high speeds.

Manual Re-Engagement:

Fitted with Belleville washers, 10 different models to suit adjustable torque range, from 3 to 3,100 Nm torque & bores from 8 to 75 mm – in the H & J basic models.

For heavier applications, Models K & L are available with long hubs (for mounting transmission components) suitable for bore/keyway or Clamping units.

Models M & N are built with Lamellar Disc Couplings – to be used for a torque range of 65 – 4,100 Nm & bores for shafts from 8 to 110 mm.

Heavy duty applications can use P, R & T models with Flexible couplings for torque range upto 1,800 Nm.

Standard - Torque Limiters

Securex - Torque Limiters

ZBC - NBC - Torque Limiters

Modular Rota-Free - Torque Limiters

Mechanical Stop Watch

Proximity Sensing Stop Watch

Multidirectional Mechanical Stop Watch

With Bore & Keyway

With Clamping Element

COMPOMAC Torque Limiters provide the following advantages :

  1. Complete operating reliability
  2. Close disengagement torque adjustment
  3. Quick acting disengagements
  4. High accuracy of engagement/dis-engagement
  5. Long Service life
  6. No maintenance required
  7. Emergency stop arrangements

Do contact us with details of your requirements to enable us provide you with viable solutions.