RU STEEL Couplings

Since the first coupling produced nearly 40 years ago, RU-STEEL’s philosophy has been to design and manufacture a complete range of transmission couplings (from Nm 40 to 1520550, including “elastic couplings”, “self-lubricating couplings”, “flexible couplings”, “super elastic couplings”) and meet customer’s requests. This philosophy has become a steady motive in offering the best and in improving the products, guaranteeing the highest functionality at the best prices.

RU-STEEL also offers ATEXcertification - necessary for refineries & chemical plants. These couplings are currently being used in major Indian refineries.

Ru-Steel RS Type

All metallic execution in steel C 45 UNI EN ISO 10083/1/93, with Inox steel fins AISI 304 UNI EN ISO 10083/1/97, flexible, but with torsional stiffness and useful also in high temperatures.

Applications: General engineering Industry, pumps, mineral processing plants, Petro chemical sector, Paper and Textile industry.

RU Steel GD Couplings

Ru-Steel GD Type

Steel execution C 45 UNI EN ISO 10083/1/93 with self-lubricating Blocks in Polyamides or in Bronze. Suitable to support slips under torque.

Applications: Paper Industry Machinery, Textile, Chemical Industry.


An engagement towards quality, a strong tradition and a reliable presence – RU-STEEL

RU-STEEL is specialized in designing and manufacturing transmission couplings. An experience started in the 50’, now matured, which allows RU-STEEL to offer absolutely competitive products and to assert successfully their presence both - on the inland and foreign market.