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PRODUCT : MAV Locking Assemblies

Mankind is dependent on energy for every type of activity. Power generated through various methods (nuclear, hydro, thermal, non-conventional sources like wind/solar power) has to be transformed into mechanical means (machines) to enable produce various products for our use.

Primarily electrical energy is transformed into mechanical means by Motors – and the mechanical motion thus formed needs Mechanical Power Transmission engineering components to facilitate connections through various options. This is where Tradelink Services come into the picture.


Motor shaft with keys / keyways

Energy thus produced at the motor shaft is transmitted to run the machine/equipment through Pulleys / Couplings / Sprockets / Gears. This mechanical power is transmitted through Keys/Keyways, which is a very essential component in the whole drive system.


Sprocket with keys / keyways

But keys/keyways have their own limitations and engineers were searching for viable answers for a very long time. Keys/ keyways were a necessary evil – tight tolerances (both in manufacturing& in assembly) imbalance in the drive assembly, time taken for assembly/dismantling, no independent motion of shaft & driving product, adequate length to transmit power.

Taper Bushes were invented in the US to eliminate 1 aspect of the Keyed Drives. Taper Bushes with a preformed taper pictures had 2/3 half screws to help mount the Pulley/Gear/Sprocket onto the shaft. Removing these 2/3 screws & inserting them in another set of half tapped holes helped dismantle the products, from the shaft. But these Taper Bushes only allowed easy assembly/dismantling – with the key/keyway still an integral part of the drive arrangement.

Taper Bush with 3 holes

Taper Bush with 5 holes

Then the Germans invented the first Keyless Bushes – which worked on the concept of (generally termed as Clamping Bushes/Locking assembly) 2 individual tapers enclosed in a bush assembly, transmitting power through frictional forces. Tightening the screws on the annular ring, forces the 2 tapers to get tightened, forming an integral bush connecting the product & the shaft – thus transmitting power from the shaft to the driving component (Pulley/Gear, etc) Releasing the screws & using them in the jack off threads help dismantle the product from the shaft. These bushes totally eliminated keys / keyways.

MAV Locking assemblies come in different models to suit Individual application – not only based on torque, but on Load, lengths, application. So, for a 50 mm shaft diameter We can offer probably 15/20 different models to suit 1 specific Application. And if there is no standard product, MAV can Design & offer a special product to suit individual requirements.

MAV 2005

MAV 4061

MAV 5061

Apart from Internal mounting applications, MAV also offers Shrink Discs which provide backlash free frictional connection between hollow shaft (hub) & shaft. Shrink Discs are ideally suited to Transmit torque, thrust loads & bending moment,Separately or in combination.

Locking assemblies are now manufactured all over the world. MAV of Italy has a unique combination of expertise, experience & technical knowhow. Products are manufactured in their own plant at Bosentino/Italy – using robotically controlled CNC Machines. (no importing from China & marking their own brand).

Shrink Disc

In this specialized field for the past 30 years, MAV uses the FEM analysis to improve the performance of its Products, allowing increase in safety & strength.catalogue achieve Checking the static/dynamic stress of a product through the FEM analysis also allows efficient production method.

FEM Analysis

FEM Analysis

FEM Analysis

MAV also offers Locking assemblies using different raw materials like, Aluminium,Stainless Steel, Copper or surface treatments (chemical or galvanic deposition, special paints, etc).

Quality oriented MAV obtained its ISO certification in 1999 for Design, manufacture & marketing Locking assemblies (the first Italian Co. to be awarded this certificate, for this product group).

TRADELINK SERVICES has been a pioneer in introducing Technologically proven products from International sources for the Indian market and neighbouring countries.

Partnering MAV for the past 15 years, we have been offering standard and tailor made products very successfully. We also offer ETP Keyless Bushes, Rotar Universal Joints, Trasmil Cardan Shafts, StS Metal Bellow Couplings, Ruland Couplings and Shaft Collars, Ru–Steel Couplings, Samiflex Couplings and Hutchinson Poly V Belts – details can be checked on our website.

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