ETP Keyless Bushes - Eliminates Troublesome keys/Keyways

Patented in 1980’s and registered by ETP Transmission AB Sweden, these keyless bushes remain the best hub-shaft connection, even after several decades.

ETP bushes consists of a thin walled cylinder filled by a 'medium'. When this medium is pressurised, they tend to expand the thin walled cylinders and grip both the shaft and the component at the same time.

Mounting of an ETP Bush

To mount any product onto a shaft – Position the ETP Bush on the shaft/product, & just tighten the screw. This tightening increases the pressure on the medium which expands the inner/outer walls of the Bush to grip the shaft and the component simultaneously.

ETP Classic/Classic-R - Available in sizes from 15 – 100 mm (both inch & metric) & in SS construction.


Quick Mounting

Easy & accurate to position

Saves space along the shaft

Good runout

Small built-in dimensions

Quick dismantling



ETP Classic Bushes were the first to be introduced, followed by ETP Classic R (in stainless steel for food & chemical industries.)

ETP Express / ETP Express R

To enable faster assembly/dismantling, ETP improved the basic concept & introduced ETP Express. This model has only a single screw to tighten/release the bush from the shaft. Suitable for shaft sizes from 15 to 100 mm, and in inch series. Also available in SS construction – Ideal for Food/Pharma/Printing & Chemical industries.

ETP Power

ETP-POWER is available as standard for shafts 15-40mm. Runout ≤0.03mm. Number of mountings 200-500(size dependent). ETP-POWER combines quick mounting with a high radial load capacity due to the specially developed pressure medium.

ETP Mini

To meet the demands of the industry – ETP also offers MINI (for shaft diameters from 6 to 14mm), based on mechanical principles.

ETP Hyloc

ETP-HYLOC is designed for Heavy & Dynamic loads (for shaft diameters from 50 mm onwards), Backlash-free, ensuring high radial force capacity, Quick changes, Accurate positioning combined with Good runout. Very successfully being used in India at Jindal Steel Power, Bhushan Steel, Tri Metal – in their Tube rolling mills for quick change of rollers in the Tube rolling mill. Proven, acclaimed & used successfully Internationally.

ETP Octopus

ETP-OCTOPUS is available as standard for shafts 30-100mm.Number of mountings 100,000 - 500,000.(pressure dependent). ETP-OCTOPUS is easy to build in, as no hub is required, and allows for fast, frequent and accurate positioning. Cutomized designs are offered on request.