SAMIFLEX Elastic Couplings

SAMIFLEX Elastic Couplings

The new Samiflex elastic couplings offer a major advantage of being able to inspect and replace the central element, without disturbing the Driver or Driven equipment.

Widely popular in Europe and USA and used for varied applications – from light duty pumps to hi - torque drives like Bucket wheel excavator. This product is the result of the experience and development of the last 27 years of involvement with all industrial sectors.


Product Profile

Available in 16 models to transmit power from 2 Nm to 3,670 Nm and bore range upto 210 mm. Increased performances can be achieved by using one of the 7 types of Elastic elements to provide for standard, high temperature and high performance applications.

Samiflex couplings are available in conjunction with Spacers (single/double) , Brakewheel, Disc, Flywheel & Floating coupling configurations. Supplied for use with Taper Bushes/QD bushes, also.

Apart from standard hubs of GG-25, Ductile Iron (GGG40), Cast Steel (GS45), Stainless Steel (AISI 316), high resistance aluminium alloy (C135) high performance polyurethane, shock-resistant polyamide and carbon fibre composites can also be designed, to suit specific requirements.

Our strengths

Increased productivity by saving time whilst replacing and installation of the central elastic member. Proven its worth under the most difficult operating conditions, Samiflex has been successfully introduced in compressors, paper plants, chemical plants, steel plants – in India, within a short span of 3 years.