TRASMIL Cardan Shafts

Industrial Cardan Shafts are totally &radically different from Automotive Cardan shafts which are designed for entirely dissimilar purposes. Cardan shafts are also all metal flexible joints, with a capacity to work upto 35°.

TRASMIL Srl of Milan has a rich experience of 30 years, in the field of manufacture/marketing of Cardan shafts, supplying to leading European Companies in the field of steel manufacturing and various types of Machinery/equipment.


Product Profile

Trasmil specialises in Industrial Cardan Shafts – catering to applications where high torque transmission is required. Standard 24 models are available in 6/7 options to transmit power from 290 Nm to 400,000 Nm. Both DIN/SAE flanges are available in single, double, extendable, fixed varieties – companion flanges to match, Quick release yokes, overload clutch, transverse keyways, etc.

Trasmil obtained their initial ISO certification in December 1999. Their website with Asp and SQL database allows downloading of drawings to suit different layouts. Their technical department is available to check working conditions and offer guaranteed working hours.

Our strengths

We have been successful in making our customers switch over to using of Industrial Cardan shafts for their needs, improving upon performance and life of these joints, instead of cheap automobile shafts. Large steel plants, heavy duty bending machines, industrial machines of all sorts, machine tool manufacturers – have all found Transmil Cardan Shafts to be the best for their applications.


Cardan Shafts    Cardan Shafts